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Wireframe is a podcast about design, development, and disambiguation in our digital world.

Hosted by Donnie D'Amato and brought to you by Design Systems House.

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Colorless Green Ideas

  • color
  • priority
  • accessibility
We discuss the importance of prioritizing user experience over color choices in design systems. We emphasize treating color as the final touch in design, similar to applying a finish to a woodworking project.

Almost Useless Tokens

  • design tokens
  • maintenance
  • complexity
We discuss the benefits and considerations of using design tokens, focusing on the distinction between primitive and semantic tokens and the importance of team communication in token management.

Telling Beautiful Stories

  • storybook
  • testing
  • maintenance
This episodes discusses experience with Storybook, a tool for working on components. From the early days using version 4 to the advancements in version 8, emphasizing the importance of integration with design systems and documentation using the tool.

What an Icon

  • design
  • icons
  • localization
We discuss the importance of icons in user interfaces, focusing on topics like accessibility, design considerations, serving icons on the web, optimizing SVGs, and exploring innovative ways to search for icons.

Mise en Mode

  • design
  • mode
  • semantic
We discuss the concept of 'Mise en mode' and how it can be applied to design systems to enhance user experiences through the use of semantic tokens. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent token naming scheme to support expressive enhancements in interfaces and marketing pages.

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